Only 17 and she’s a Commonwealth Sliver Medalist! Interview with Latalia Bevan

About: Latalia is an elite gymnast for Wales and Britain. She is also a Commonwealth Sliver Medalist


Handstand day: Why are you excited about International Handstand day?

Latalia: Because I basically live upside down.


Handstand day: If you had no constraints, where would you like to do a handstand?

Latalia: The lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt.


Handstand day: What is the connection you have to handstands? Tell us how you got interested in being upside-down.

Latalia: It feels more normal for me to be upside down than the right way up these days.


Handstand day: Tell us about a story when you first learned a handstand?

Latalia: I was five and I attempted it and collapsed on my head.


Handstand day: Tell us about the time you were struggling to perform a handstand. What did you do to overcome it?

Latalia: I learnt from my mistakes and made sure I got stronger in my arms.


Handstand day: What tips would you give to people who want to learn a handstand?

Latalia: To always keeps your arms straight and to kick your feet over the top of your head.


Handstand day: We want to know what else you’re up to when you’re not up-side down.

Latalia: I make up floor dances for my club and I teach my little sister how to do forward rolls.


You can find Latalia on Instagram @latalia01 and Twitter @bevan_latalia
If you are interested in seeing Latalia live in action do check her doing gymnastics on Youtube


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