International French Gymnast & CEO of By Ed? Interview with Edgar Boulet

About: Edgar Boulet is an International French Gymnast as well as the CEO of a new sports wear clothes brand, By Ed


Handstand day: Why are you excited about International Handstand day?

Edgar: Because it’s a funny way to introduce gymnastics to the world. And it’s a great opportunity to gather every single person from all around the world for cool and funny gymnastics kind of day.


Handstand day: If you had no constraints, where would you like to do a handstand?

Edgar: As I live in Paris I would want to take pictures in front of historical monuments in Paris like the Eiffel Tower or le Louvre museum and others.


Handstand day: What is the connection you have to handstands? Tell us how you got interested in being upside-down.

Edgar: I love being upside-down because it feels different than usual and I always enjoy flipping around and get my head in all different directions like twisting and flipping so of course being upside down feels good to me.


Handstand day: Tell us about a story when you first learned a handstand

Edgar: Well I wasn’t a gymnast yet and I saw someone doing it, I thought it was really cool so I kept trying and trying until I knew how to do it.


Handstand day: Tell us about the time you were struggling to perform a handstand. What did you do to overcome it?

Edgar: I am the kind of person that keeps trying over and over. So I thought about solutions and I decided to put my feet against a wall and tried to hold for as long as I could.


Handstand day: What tips would you give to people who want to learn a handstand?

Edgar: Believe in themselves and keep trying with a positive attitude. They can try with a wall first so their shoulder muscles can get stronger and after a while, then without the wall to try to find the right balance.


Handstand day: We want to know what else you’re up to when you’re not up-side down.

Edgar: Recently I launched my own brand of sportswear clothes which is called By Ed and you can find it on Instagram : @byed_clothing so now I’m busy trying to develop the brand.


You can find Edgar online on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @edgar_smo

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