Turning the World On Its Head


Thank You to Our Ambassadors

International Handstand Day is a collective of individuals and organizations across the globe balancing diversity with the strength to make the world a better place.

If you’d like to help us promote the value of inverting yourself on a regular basis to the world, contact us at and become an Ambassador!

We want your passion

Doing a handstand isn’t the only way to play.

International Handstand Day relies on you (our Ambassadors) to expose crazy madness of inversions to like-minded (and terribly fun-loving) people all around the globe. Handstand Day is an ideal platform for introducing your brand and passion to an international community. Even if you’re still learning the handstand, join us as an ambassador to help build this worldwide community of inverted and passionate handstanders! Send us an email to to declare your commitment to helping the world get inverted!