What’s it Like to Do Handstands in Iceland? Interview with Agnes Suto-Tuuha

Have you ever been to Iceland? We’ve been dying to visit this lovely country. Luckily, we have a Handstand Day Ambassador who is living, breathing and handstanding her way to the top of the podium in Iceleand. Read all about Agnes Suto-Tuuha in the interview.


About Agnes Suto-Tuuha: Coach and gymnast, member of the Icelandic National Team, in her free time she does graphic design and photography. Oh, and she loves cats too!

Handstand Day: Why are you excited about International Handstand day?

Agnes: Cause life is more fun upside-down unless you’re a character in Stranger things.


Handstand Day: If you had no constraints, where would you like to do a handstand?

Agnes: On top of a dragon while taking over Westeros.


Handstand Day: What is the connection you have to handstands? Tell us how you got interested in being upside-down.

Agnes: I grew up at the gym, always loved to stand on my hands.


Handstand Day: Tell us about a story when you first learned a handstand?
Agnes:I can’t quite remember because I was so young.


Handstand Day: Tell us about the time you were struggling to perform a handstand. What did you do to overcome it?
Agnes: I never really struggled, but i definitely became better at it when I started doing acrobatics and good balance was key

Handstand Day: What tips would you give to people who want to learn a handstand?
Agnes: Don’t try to balance with your elbows, keep them straight and use your shoulders and fingers/palms.

Handstand Day: We want to know what else you’re up to when you’re not up-side down.
Agnes: I try to teach my cat to do handstand

You can find Agnes online @agnessuto on Instagram and find her GIFs on handstand day by searching #handstandday and #agnes.

A beautiful Handstand from Agnes

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