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Alvin Tam

When I teach a beginner a handstand, I emphasize that the move is not about balance – it’s about alignment. It’s about lining up the blocks of the structure such that everything is solidly stacked – and that structure, not strength, is the key to doing the handstand safely and efficiently.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney

And so your evolution in learning handstands is about alignment – as in life too. A happy life is about aligning your actions with your values. And when you live moments that reflect what you truly believe in, what you are authentically passionate about, then you find true success, for yourself.

That is why we do handstands.

– Alvin Tam, Founder



our years ago, International Handstand Day was born – out of a whimsical desire to get inverted and invite as many people across the globe to partake as well. And on the event’s inaugural day, thousands around the globe did handstands and posted their images.

Almost everyone has thought of getting upside down – whether for a silly laugh in the park or for a unique self-challenge for greater health and mental clarity. For us at Handstand Day headquarters – we laughingly joke – the best reason for learning handstands? It makes a great party trick!

Our mission for International Handstand Day is to unite a collective of enthusiastic handstanders across the globe balancing diversity with strength to make the world a better place. In the end, it’s about perspective: when your world is upside down, do a handstand!


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What the heck is International Handstand Day?

Do I need to know how to do a handstand to participate?

Absolutely – not! No experience is necessary to be part of International Handstand Day. If you’ve never tried a handstand before, you can always start simple and safe: with a wall, some pillows and a proper headstand. In fact, any inversion qualifies, so don’t think you need to be a professional Cirque du Soleil performer to get in on the event. That said, there’s plenty of great resources on the web or even in your local community, if you have a closet addiction to handstands, start by taking a few classes. We only emphasize that safety is most important, so get a spotter to help you or a well-trained coach.

How do I participate in International Handstand Day?

International Handstand Day is a worldwide event with thousands of handstanders across the globe taking part. It’s very easy to be part of this event – post a photo or video of your handstand on this year’s Official Handstand Day, to our Instagram or Facebook channels and tag it with #handstandday. You’ll be amazed at the incredible international community who really want to get upside down – for fun!

Where do I post my photos or videos?

Post your best photo or video! We have two main social channels you can post to: Instagram and Facebook. Just tag your photo or video with #handstandday and check back to the official website for updates.

What is the meaning of life for a circus artist?

Why is this in the FAQ? For almost 20 years now, I’ve lived the life of a professional circus artist. This was not the life I dreamt of doing when I was younger – in fact, I thought I was destined for an academic career in the sciences. Ha! That changed pretty quickly, when I realized that self-expression, not conformity, was one of my inner driving factors. Coupled with a deep desire to see the world, suddenly, the world of the circus became the perfect ticket.

I trained at the National Circus School in Montreal for 4 years until I was ready to tour the big world. After many productions, tours and camps, I ended up on one of the biggest productions in history – the $200 million spectacle by Cirque du Soleil, KA. We trained endlessly, attempting impossible stunts and creating tricks on apparatus that had never before been invented. It was a test of the body but more of a challenge to the creative soul. In the end it was work but mostly fun.

It was out of this spirit and energy that International Handstand Day was born. Everything worthwhile takes work but passion + training = fun. So that’s what this is about – International Handstand Day is a global event to celebrate the wonderful, beautiful juxtaposition of work and passion that equates to merriment of the mind, body and soul. And when we’re having fun, then it’s easy to accomplish our mission: to unite a collective of enthusiastic handstanders across the globe balancing diversity with strength to make the world a better place.

Join us!

– Alvin Tam, Founder and Circus Artist


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We Need Your Partnership

Doing a handstand isn’t the only way to play.

International Handstand Day offers our partners plenty of exposure to like-minded (and terribly fun-loving) people all around the globe. Handstand day is an ideal platform for introducing your brand and passion to an international community. Even if you’re still learning the handstand, join us as a partner to help build this worldwide community of inverted and passionate handstanders!